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Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic D6L 24V Diesel RV / Camper Kit for Water / Air / Floor Heating

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An upgraded version of the popular D5S 24V Hydronic kit, the new Espar Hydronic D6L 24V RV kit was designed with optimal performance and the highest quality standards in mind. A proven heater on the market from one of the most reputable and reliable German manufacturers, this model comes with a brushless fan, a quieter pump and an integrated temperature and altitude sensor. The heater, known as the Eberspacher Hydronic D6L in Europe, uses your vehicle’s own fuel to heat air, water and even floors. Typically bundled with the modern EasyStart Pro controller, this kit can be connected to a variety of water and air exchangers. The kit comes with all the parts needed for installation, including mounting brackets, clamps and screws. We can also offer you a custom build – get in touch today to learn more.

Key features of the Espar Hydronic D6L 24V RV kit

  • As a third-generation hydronic heater of the CS variety, the D6L is much more versatile than its predecessors and is being constantly updated.
  • Due to its compact size, the heater can be fitted either in the vehicle engine compartment or internally.
  • The maximum heat output of this model is 5.6 kW / 19,100 BTU. 
  • The kit ships together with an 5.5 kW Kalori Silencio 2 air heater, which is mounted internally. The Kalori unit can be connected to different areas via ducting adapters.
  • The kit includes a water plate exchanger for heating water that connects to the tap or shower and is mounted internally.
  • The Espar Hydronic D6L can be operated independently or connected to the vehicle’s own engine coolant system.
  • When used together with the EasyStart Pro controller, the kit can operate at altitudes as high as 3,000 meters / 9,900 feet. Hydronic heaters in 24V comes with integrated MAF sensors
  • The kit is equipped with a brushless motor resulting in quieter output and higher comfort levels.
  • The brushless motor also means the life cycle is increased from 3,000 to 5,000 hours.
  • Thanks to the heater’s stepless system, fan speed is adjusted according to the temperature set. This maximizes efficiency and improves comfort. 
  • An improved fuel pump piston provides the additional benefit of reducing the clicking sound, which can be rather annoying in other models.
  • The EasyStart controller provides an automatic temperature control option (Thermostatic function) due to its integrated temperature sensor.
  • The unit works with both CAN and S++ communication protocols.

User benefits of the Espar Hydronic D6L 24V RV kit

This diesel heater RV kit can be used for a variety of purposes, including heating up water, air, car floors, radiators and the engine. Unlike some other diesel RV heaters, this unit is extremely easy to install, in part due to its compact size. Due to several features including a brushless motor, the model is quieter and does not interfere with your sleep, a problem users of older units commonly face.

One way to save both power and fuel is using residual heating with a switched-off engine. This feature allows the system to run for as long as the coolant temperature does not drop below the threshold set by the user. The kit can operate with different water and air heat exchangers. It can also run an independent heating loop with multiple accessories connected to it.

The shipped kit provides a complete domestic water heating system that can be used for showers and taps. In addition, the universal kit can be used to pre-heat the engine, as well as heat air and floors. If you require extra features, custom kits can be built on demand. Contact us for more information.

Who the Espar Hydronic D6L 24V RV kit is suitable for:

The Espar Hydronic D6L 24V RV kit is a popular choice for many Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts. This versatile unit will provide a comfortable heating experience with:

  • Vans and converted vans (Mercedes, Freightliner, Dodge Sprinter, Fiat Ducato, Ram Promaster, Ford Transit, Nissan NV, VW Crafter)
  • RVs, caravans, campervans and motorhomes
  • Military / Army / Defense vehicles
  • Passenger vehicles, including buses, coaches and school buses
  • Boats, narrowboats and other vessels (marine kit required)
  • Other applications, including mobile workshops

Heatso’s engineers are here to help

The Espar S3 D6L is an excellent heating option for your vehicle. But if you have any questions about it, or would like to hear about other options, our customer service is on hand to help. And when you do find the ideal solution to meet your needs, our engineers are available to talk you through the whole installation process, step by step.

Technical specifications:




Diesel – EN 590*

Heat Flow Control





Heat Flow










Fuel Consumption

l / h





gal/ h




Average Power consumption





Average Power Consumption while Starting



Rate Voltage



Allowed operating pressure


Up to 2.5 bar

Minimum water flow rate

L / hour



gal / hour


Dimensions LxWxH


215 x 91 x 144

*20 percent mixture with FAME is permitted – EN 14214


Water pump:

Water Pump power consumption

Approx. 12 watts

Delivery Rate

Approx. 1400 liter per hour

132 gallon per hour

Delivery Pressure






Espar / Eberspacher D6L Hydronic 3 24V 5.6kW kit includes:

• Diesel Eberspacher / Espar Hydronic 3 D6L Heater 12V and EasyStart PRO controller
• Kalori Silencio 2 Blower controller unit water to air HX Exchanger
• All electrical harnesses and connections
• 1 meter of exhaust pipe
• 1 meter of combustion Intake pipe 
• 2.3m of water hose (Heater) (20mm)
• 4m of water hose 16mm ID (Blower Box)
• 1 Exhaust Silencer (24mm)
• Water Pump
• Fuel Pump
• Fuel T Piece Kit 
• All necessary clips and screws
• Heater water (expansion) tank 5 Liter 
• Hydronic Mounting Bracket

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  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Philip Schlump on 25th Nov 2020

    Important Note: it came in multiple shipments over a number of days. You have to work with the shipper to get it through customs.

    All of the products are really good quality and there are more fasteners and clamps than what is shown in the picture. It is really complete. The brackets are very thick and strong. All top quality. Plenty of hose.